Steel-aluminum composite contact rail is a rigid power transmission rail system running along the railway track, also known as the “third rail” or “conductor rail”.

    Steel-aluminum composite contact rail system as one of the main power supply systems of urban rail transit, has the following advantages: space saving with lower headroom, not affected by the city landscape, easy to maintain, less likely to malfunction with long service life, so as to become more widely used.

    We produce our Steel-aluminum composite contact rail system with exquisite workmanship and reliable quality. The annual production capacity can reach 200 km. Our contact rail is steel clad aluminum rail, can be used for upper contact, lower contact and side contact power supply system.



 Contact Rail Cross Section

        The main body of the contact rail is highly conductive aluminum extrusion, with stainless steel cap attached through welding process. Stainless steel surface provides electric contact area for the collector shoes, thus requires higher abrasion resistance.



     Bolted joint consists of two fish plates and four hulk-bolts (or stainless steel locking bolts), is used to connect two contact rails. Fish plates have good conductivity, can provide sufficient contacting surface for the rails.


 Bolted Joint




Cable Terminal

       In the contact rail system, cable terminals are used to connect the cables to the contact rail. They are installed near the ramps and close to the power station. In order to prevent electrochemical corrosion between copper cable and aluminum extrusion, cable terminals generally made of copper-aluminum composite panels or tinned aluminum plate.



     There are two types of ramps, high-speed ramp and low-speed

ramp, installed in openings and electric sections, used to guide

the shoe gears onto or off the contact rails. High-speed ramp

used when the train speed is high in main lines, while low-speed

ramp used when the train speed is low.






 Expansion Joint

      The contact rail will expand or contract due to temperature.

The expansion joint here played a critical role to prevent the

possible failure caused by this physical phenomenon. Expansion

joint is a stretchable device consists of fixed rail, movable

rail and shunt.




Mid Point Anchor

Mid-point anchors are installed on the bracket on both sides, in order to fix the contact rail in position and prevent from sliding. The section between every two adjacent anchors is called an anchor section, an expansion joint is installed in the middle to offset the affect of thermal expansion and contraction.



Insulated Bracket

The insulated brackets not only support the contact rail system but also insulate the contact rail system from the ground. We can provide two type of the insulated support: Steel Insulated Support and GRP Insulated Support。



Protective Cover

The insulation and protection of the contact rail system is protected by the specially designed protective cover, each component, including ramps, cable terminals and expansion joints, has its matching covers.

The protective covers are made from high quality GRP material through special processes, strong insulation, flame retardant, resistance to ultraviolet radiation aging proof and shock resistance make sure that can provide a good protection for the rails.