Improve management level to build efficient team

2015/12/7      view:
      In order to improve the management of the leadership, the authority of the field, management wisdom, to build a more perfect party leadership system, in November 7th, the company held a senior management staff in the field and remote video training, the Department Manager Assistant and above personnel who participated in the training.
      Human resources department attaches great importance to the training, in the selection of lecturers, curriculum, venue layout and so on to do a careful preparation. This training invited the Department of business administration, Professor, doctoral tutor for a period of a day's theme of "team building and leadership to enhance the management ability training and training around the team building of three key points, OEC management method, equity theory and incentive system design, effective authorization. In the course of training, the students and lecturers, students and students interact frequently, the atmosphere is active, the discussion is heated, and the problem is solved.
      In recent years, the rapid expansion of the company's industry, the requirements of the management of personnel leadership has also been improved, focused on the training of senior management cadres is particularly important. The training, not only to deepen the company's senior management team building and leadership awareness, but also enhance the ability to improve the self, to create an efficient performance team, improve the ability to enhance the team's cohesion, and promote the company's management level to enhance the positive significance.